A Brief on Chava Wind’s History and Products!

Chava Wind energy solutions are known for their efficient turbine models that will be generating 10KW of power at a minimum wind speed of just 11m/s. Isn’t that amazing? In the present technology, it might not be possible to generate such a huge amount of energy with low wind speed. But the Chava Wind’s team members are up for a challenge.



Chava Wind History and Products:

The history of Chava Wind goes back to the person who laid its foundation, Mr Hagen Ruff, who had some unique ideas for generating power through wind and started designing the models of wind blades, turbines, generators etc. Using the high quality USA-German engineering, the turbines which will be designed will be able to resist the high storm and hurricanes.

If you are looking for such turbine models, get in touch with the chief executive officer of Chava Energy now!


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