The Advantages of Using the Products Made by!

Chava wind products are being developed and if the masses start implementing their usage, it will lessen the impact of global warming that we are facing right now. Below mentioned are some of the advantages that these products will render:

Wind power plants

Easy to implement: The products made by will be highly scalable to use as they will have numerous identical units. The unit design will enable the retrofits to the power plants and provide energy to several community plants.

Changing the semiconductor industry standards: The ultra-conductors made by Chava Wind when adapted will entirely change the way semi conductor and computer industries work by giving them double the working capacity.

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A Brief on Chava Wind’s History and Products!

Chava Wind energy solutions are known for their efficient turbine models that will be generating 10KW of power at a minimum wind speed of just 11m/s. Isn’t that amazing? In the present technology, it might not be possible to generate such a huge amount of energy with low wind speed. But the Chava Wind’s team members are up for a challenge.



Chava Wind History and Products:

The history of Chava Wind goes back to the person who laid its foundation, Mr Hagen Ruff, who had some unique ideas for generating power through wind and started designing the models of wind blades, turbines, generators etc. Using the high quality USA-German engineering, the turbines which will be designed will be able to resist the high storm and hurricanes.

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Two Chava Wind Products That Will Lessen the Carbon FootPrints!

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

Chava Wind energy is a company which has developed state-of-the-art technology to provide with better forms of energy which can be made available for commercial and household purposes. Moreover, these forms of energy also help in lessening global warming. The company is majorly into developing two types of chava wind products:

Residential generators

Residential Generators that work on gasoline are perfect to be used during natural calamities like tornadoes, typhoons, hurricanes, etc. Chava’s concept of installing these generators at government agencies and rural areas is quite commendable.


Chava wind energy has created Chava Energy™ conversion system that offers energy to automobiles. By doing so, one can avoid using batteries and charging systems. This lessens the carbon footprint and other industries too, can start making the most out of it.

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Check Out Few Amazing Wind Energy Facts That You Didn’t Know About!

Generation of power through renewable energy resources has increased in good numbers over the past. Wind power is one of them. There are various pros and cons of wind energy but generally, experts do give first preference to this form of energy. Now let’s see few facts that you might not be aware of:

Low cost energy generation:

Wind is for free but the construction of big towers with large blades and turbines are considered in the annual cost. Anyway, engineers all around the world believe that wind energy is the best way to generate electricity at affordable rates. If the reports are to be believed, wind power is 48% cheaper than power produced through coal and gas.

A Single Turbine Can Power 200 Homes:

The wind tower which is almost 120 – 140 feet in height and has a single turbine can supply electricity to almost 200 homes. This is one of the most interesting facts of wind energy. The largest wind turbine which is almost 750 feet high can generate 8 MW (Mega Watts) of energy and can supply electricity to 3000 homes.

Denmark Stands First in Wind Power Generation:

If you are thinking that USA or Germany are leading in wind power generation, then you are wrong. It’s Denmark that has the largest wind power capacity and uses the wind power up to great extent. The other countries in the list are Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, USA, etc.

If you are looking forward to know more about wind power generation and want to use the renewable energy for your household or commercial purpose, Chava wind energy solutions might be the best choice you can make.

Wind Power Facts that You Must Know About!

The use of renewable source of energy has increased tremendously in the last couple of decades. Wind energy is one of the renewable source of energy where the windmills can produce a lot of electric energy that can be used to run household or industrial appliances. Wind power pros and cons are not palpable to every individual, hence here is the basic composition of how a wind mill helps to generate electricity.

Wind Turbines:

This is the actual part that rotates with the wind, the design is such that the blades are on the side of the tower and few permanent magnets attached to the rotor. Wind power facts not known to all is that the turbine can also withstand high winds where it can tilt on the side and change the rotation direction.

Wind Power

Wind Power

Wind-mill Tower:

One of the most expensive part of the process is the tower, with the minimum height of the tower should always be 30 feet. The tower needs to be grounded in such a way that it can withstand lightening and can withstand the weight of the turbine. There are three types of towers, tilt-up, fixed and free-standing which is one of the wind power facts.

Shut-down Mechanism:

Any set-up would someday need to stop for maintenance or other circumstances where the energy is not required. The dynamic braking has many wind power pros and cons as it simply cuts the three phase of supply. For more reliable braking tilting the blades out of the wind direction is effective and preferred over dynamic braking.

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